The Excel Cryo Cooling System  is a noninvasive, easy to use, and reliable method proven effective in reducing brain temperature up to 1.3 degrees Celsius in less than 30 minutes. Mild cerebral hypothermia may be maintained indefinitely with the use of the ECCS by refreshing the extreme cooling element (EXCEL) every 20 minutes. The ECCS has wide spread applications in the treatment of cardiac arrest, stroke, neurogenic fever, and traumatic brain injury.

Selective Brain Cooling can be used both in pre-hospital and in-hospital cases and is ideal for patients requiring transportation, including from ambulance to ER to ICU. If you are looking into the feasibility of early neuroprotective strategies to protect the Brain from any adverse sequelae using therapeutic hypothermia, this product is for you.

To see a video of the ECCS from WKYC in Cleveland, OH, click here.